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Twittercounter.comTwittercounter is a recently launched Twitter application that in many ways serves like a FeedBurner for Twitter. The site is primarily focused on allowing bloggers to place a widget on their site which displays the number of Twitter followers they have in real-time but anyone can use the site to check another’s popularity by going to Twittercounter.

com and entering anybody’s Twitter username. Bloggers and webmasters simply cut the HTML code provided and paste it to their site, and visitors will be able to see how many followers they have. Really, this provides exactly the same type of service as that provided by FeedBurner except that instead of demonstrating the number of RSS readers a blog has, Twittercounter displays the number of Twitter followers. In Their Own Words

“TwitterCounter is a service for Bloggers, Social networkers and other well connected individuals to communicate and track the amount of followers they have on Twitter. Add the TwitterCounter to your blog or profile to attract more followers. Also check out our top 100 and add your own name too!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is hugely popular and Twittercounter enables bloggers to demonstrate the popularity of their site in an easily displayable widget while at the same time encouraging new people to follow them. Whether Twittercounter itself will become a huge money maker will depend more on finding a workable business model. It seems almost certain however, that Twittercounter will become quickly adapted by a huge segment of the rather large blogging population.

Some Questions About

How will they monetize this site if it takes off? Unlike FeedBurner, Twittercounter isn’t actually sending any messages so they won’t be able to insert ads into Tweets or anything of that nature.