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TwitterChatroom.comAs you can tell by its name, Twitter Chatroom is a free chat room for Twitter members to discuss their everyday lives, and anything they feel like discussing, actually. The site comprises 10 separate chat rooms including “News”, “Talk”, “Sports”, “Family”, “Politics”, “Fun” and the perennial “Hanging Out”.

In practice, this online resource resembles a combination of Twitter-centric real-time news with regular news wrapped around the above-mentioned topic-based chatrooms letting Tweeters locate each other and discuss Tweets, Twitter related news as well as research Twitter, Internet, and social issues. The programmer defines it as “a blog, chatroom and news site on one page”. The concept is not inaccurate, as you can talk with fellow Tweeters while remaining fully posted on what is going on all the time on the Twitterverse.

By way of conclusion, if you are a Twitterer and are on the lookout for a place where you can indulge in your passion but in a different context, this fits the bill quite well. Pay it a visit when you feel like chattering a bit. In Their Own Words

“Hey I started this blog (chat room) as an outlet for Twitter members to actually get to know some of the friends they’ve met on Twitter. It’s an avenue I think members can actually get to know one another if they wish to. Discuss Twitter, or other aspects of their life. A little about me, grew up in Upstate NY. My degree is from Siena College and I do quite a bit of consulting work online. I’m an avid blogger and love to write. I will also give you my opinion on a variety of subjects plus a few testimonials here and there. I have a great family and couldn’t ask for anything more! I hope your a part of this blog I would love to hear your comments.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good place for twitterers to drop by and shoot the breeze.

Some Questions About

Will more rooms be added sometime soon?