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TwitterBackgroundsGallery.comSelf-touted as “the ultimate showcase of unique Twitter backgrounds”, this online resource will let anybody have a more lively Tweeting experience, or at least one that reflects his personality more minutely.

The contents of the site are entirely generated by users, and once a design has been submitted others can cast a vote and propel it into the public view.

The site also includes some sections that go by names such as “DIY or Hire a Designer”, “Twitter Books & Resources” and even a “Jobs” category where Twitter related positions are advertised for all to see and act upon. Jobs can also be posted by users, so that it can be said that every angle is satisfactorily covered online.

When all is said and done, this resource gives creative people all over the globe a space where they can meet up, get to know each other, and showcase their work. Whether they are looking to inspire themselves or inspire others, the Twitter Background Gallery has enough contents in order to set them going and keep them in motion for a long while. In Their Own Words

“We love Twitter and we love creative people there! We intended this site to serve as a showcase, inspiration and resource for all Twitter fans willing to express their individuality, creativity and professionalism not only through their twitterstream but via their profile background as well. Look around and get inspired!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter adepts are bound to relish a spot where they can share their creations and find and post Twitter-related employment opportunities.

Some Questions About

How many backgrounds are more or less added on a daily basis?

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