Have You Considered Twitter Polls For Feedback?

Today’s Killer Startup: Twitter Polls




Elevator Pitch:

Twitter Polls is a new feature from Twitter that lets you create polls.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

So I know that this technically isn’t a startup — Twitter is, after all, one of the biggest tech companies out there these days — but I wanted to share it with you because I know that more than a few of you could really benefit from this tool. The internets have been all aflutter lately about the future of Twitter, as their growth has slowed dramatically and everyone has come to realize that the noise to value ratio of the social network is not great. As a result, Twitter has been releasing all kinds of new features with (I assume) the hopes that they’ll gain back that edge that they seem to have lost recently.


Twitter Polls is one of those new features. While it’s hardly revolutionary, it does hold the promise of potentially increasing engagement and busting through the noise. Users can create their own polls about anything they want, from what to name a new pet to feedback about a website to opinions on sports games or politics. For startup founders, Twitter Polls could be a great way to get quick feedback about new changes, for example. Each poll has only two options and stays live for 24 hours.


Now, the jury is still out about whether or not this new addition will catch fire, although ProductHunt founder Ryan Hoover did say that he saw engagement from 10% of his followers when he started using Twitter Polls. Hoover probably has, of course, a pretty extensive and engaged following as it is, but numbers like that are promising – even if you’re not startup internet famous like he is.



Do you have any pressing questions for the Twittersphere? Get the answers with Twitter Polls via @twitter


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