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Twitter-Apps.orgIn case you want to use the twitter platform more efficiently is a good option for you to take into consideration.


This solution was not created by but aims to expand Twitter’s functionality.

This is a totally free site where you will find an easy method to maximize the way you Tweet and share information with your friends and relatives.

An interesting thing about this site is that it seems to be made in order to raise funds to help kids in Africa. This is a simple and attractive way to use Twitter faster and easier, as well as to help poor people to get their food, clothes, and medicines. Is it estimated that 80% of the total money made by this site is given to organizations that help kids in Ghana and South Africa to survive. The rest of the money is used to pay for hosting and maintenance services.

You may ask yourself: How do they raise the money? Do I have to pay anything? You will not have to spend a penny (unless you want) in order to contribute to with this site. In fact, all the money raised by this application is made through contributions made by a number of corporations and companies, as well as organizations and individuals.

In case you want to contribute with these kids, find more information on the site. If you do not want to contribute but you want to enjoy this application’s services, give this site a visit at In Their Own Words

“We plan to spread our wings to other parts of the world as soon as finances and logistics permit.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be attractive fro many people that want to contribute with a good cause.

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What gives this site a competitive Edge?

Author : Paul Barker

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