– Like Digg Spy for Twitter

TwitSpy.comMuch like Digg Spy, which lets you see in real-time as new Digg stories are posted to that site, Twitter Spy is a service that shows you a real-time feed of Twitter updates. The stream you see is public and random, so you are seeing complete strangers’ tweets, and unfortunately, there is no way to filter based on content or users.

When you load, you will see a stream of updates along the left side, with users’ profile photos displayed as well. The stream moves quite quickly, rolling down your street before you can even finish reading most tweets. There is a pause button, though. The site warns that it may take one or two minutes for the feed to load and start moving, though it started instantaneously when we checked the site out. In Their Own Words

“You are spying on Twitter public timeline in real time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Viewing the real-time Twitter feed is an interesting concept, and ‘spying’ on strangers’ lives by reading their tweets can be pretty entertaining and a little addictive.

Some Questions About

Will more options be added in the future, such as filtering what type or whose tweets you want to appear in your timeline? Could they make the timeline feed move a little slower? It’s almost impossible to read a full tweet before it moves down a line. There is a pause button but it would be inconvenient to start and stop the feed constantly.