– A Mesmerizing Twitter Experiment

Twitsori.comTwitsori is a social experiment based on Twitter. It’s got a minimalistic thing going with a black screen and bold headlines to the left side which read love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish.

This provocative line up of headlines is indeed just what the experiment is all about. We all know that Twitter is the outlet for expressing the most trivial desires, many of which have to do with the previous headings. Thus Twitsori pulls in public tweets which have to do with love, hate, etc. The tweets are then published as a never ending river of thoughts. The concept is based on We Feel Fine a site which does the same for the blogosphere. The design is spectacular and only frames the curious and luring attributes of each Twitter post. You could be sucked in very easily. In Their Own Words

“This is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter. inspired by wefeelfine and drawing data from summize, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitsori essentially accumulates and aggregates the best of Twitter. What better headings than love hate and the rest to filter tweets by? It’s a beautifully addicting experiment. The layout is perfect , taking away nothing from the words themselves. It’s quite interesting.

Some Questions About

What’s the next step, if any? Will they add some sort of search bar? Or perhaps some sort of visual graph depicting the moods of Twitter users should be in order.