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TwitR.orgDo you think you will go down in tweeting history as a master Twitterer? If you wish to find out how you have been doing so far and how are fellow Twitterheads doing, then this site will do the honors. As the title of the review puts it, this is a Twitter directory which is organized by tags, and that will let you see who the top users are at any given time.

Some of the featured tags include #media, #city, #marketing and #people, and the ones that are the most transcendent are actually highlighted on the opening screen. When it comes to each individual user that is listed as part of the database, you are provided information like a link to his website alongside the obligatory link to his Twitter profile.

There are a couple of related resources available, and it is easy to understand why. Twitter is beginning to catch the fancy of people that were previously aloof to the phenomenon, and as such it is only natural that initiatives giving newcomers a clearer and more ordered experience will gather pace. In Their Own Words

“The Nº 1 Twitter Directory.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will enable anybody to have a better understanding of how the Twitterverse is configured.

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