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TwitProfiles.comThis is not the first Twitter directory that I review, and I am sure that it is not going to be the last. It is only natural that people will feel the need to figure out who is who in the Twitter scene, and as such resources like this one will always be imbued with a special poignancy.

By keying in the name of any Twitter user, you will be presented with a wealth of information including his location, the URL of his personal webpage and also a little biographical information like occupation and so forth. Note that not all of this information will always be necessarily available, though.

Another functionality that this website has is letting you use your personal TwitProfiles page in order to promote yourself on the social web. What’s more, you can add a follower badge to your site in order to draw even more followers in.

Nothing groundbreaking or new, but a very useful site nonetheless. Check it out in person to see whether it clicks with you or not. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to TwitProfiles, the Twitter User Directory!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter users are known to enthusiastically try out every Twitter-related app and service that emerges.

Some Questions About

How accurate is the provided information?