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TwitHorus.comTwitHorus is a site that as the purpose of aggregating tweets that come from the top tech companies that can are found in the market right now. You might be thinking “What’s the point? You can follow the companies instead and get the very same information”, which is true.


What is also true is that you would have to endure the adjacent noise that characterizes conversations on Twitter. And if you are making a point of following tech companies the likelihood of you being a professional user is really high, and the last thing you can afford to waste is time weeding through tweets to find the relevant ones.

That goes some way into explaining why this site has come to be, and the fact is that it is not a mere aggregator of tweets as it also analyzes the data it puts together and creates graphs that showcase the most active companies over given periods of time among other functionalities.

Coming back to the tweets themselves, these are thankfully organized by categories like “Telecom”, “Mobile/Wireless”, “Biotech” and “Startups”, so that finding concrete information is done even faster as a result. In Their Own Words

“Real-time tweets from Top Tech companies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you want to mine Twitter for tech-related information this will do the job competently enough.

Some Questions About

How often is the main page refreshed? Can you set that down manually?

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