– Sharing Files On Twitter

TwitFS.comTwitFS is a new service that does not merit an over-lengthy explanation, but which plays out a very useful role nonetheless. As you can tell from the title I gave the review, it lets you share files on Twitter.

These include audio clips, videos, pictures and assorted documents.

Such a service is provided at no cost, although a paid service does exist and comes complete with features like optimized maximum file size and faster download speed. Moreover, a “basic” plan is part of the premises and it is available for free – signing up is the one and only requisite for using it. Some of its features include direct linking to files as well as unlimited file storage.

Twitter is known as the darling of the social scene, and the avalanching number of apps does nothing but underline such a fact. Chances are you are already a Twitter user, so that this new tool might be of help, even if there are countless others that can do more or less the same. In Their Own Words

“Simple, easy way, to share files on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everybody is tweeting his hours away right now. This lets people tweet even more and better.

Some Questions About

How much does the paid plan cost? Is it worth it?