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TwitChapterz.comAn interesting way to share all of life’s defining moments, TwitChapterz lets you create a book where each chapter is devoted to anything important that’s ever happened to you. A trip abroad with your sweetheart, your graduation, your wedding… you can create a chapter for all of these events and more, and have it shared with all the people you hold truly dear.

This service is provided for free, and a chapter is created by picking a name for it, and then tweeting the content that you want to be included. You can tweet both texts and photos, and everything is going to be added to the chapter automatically. And once your chapter’s ready, then you can have that posted on Facebook for everybody to comment on it. And also, have it shared on services like Posterous and Tumblr. It all depends on the nature of your chapter, and how personal its content really is.

And leaving aside the uses that TwitChapterz can have when it comes to chronicling trips and personal moments, there’s no denying how useful the service can be to entrepreneurs. Something like TwitChapterz makes it really easy to capture ideas right as they come, and have them shared with all the people who collaborate with you in their original state. TwitChapterz gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t forget an idea that could have been phenomenal just because you weren’t careful enough to write it down when it first came to you. In Their Own Words

Create and share life chapterz from tweets.

Some Questions About

Can you create more than one book if you want? Can you have one for your personal affairs, and another for your professional life?

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