– Stream What You Want Through Twitter

TwitCasting.tvA Japanese startup, TwitCasting can be defined as a Twitter client that has live streaming capabilities. The app can be procured for free, and using it couldn’t be easier.

Upon launching it, the bottom half of the display window shows your Twitter timeline, and you can go “live” while you are tweeting. That is, the images captured by you iPhone will be streamed live to the web browser. If all that you want is giving fellow twitterers an exact idea of where you are and who you are with, it doesn’t get more representative than this. Zooming in an out of the image is done just by sliding you finger, and muting the video is also done in a mere gesture. The latency is kept very low, too, and that is always a big plus.

You will always know that you are live because you name becomes surrounded by a red rectangle when you are broadcasting, so that your chances of forgetting you are “in the air” are minimal.

Technical aspects such as the automatic adjustment of FPS are taken care of automatically, whereas streaming itself can be handled both via WiFi and 3G networks. That effectively makes the whole service become viable to people the world over. In Their Own Words

“Street Live Casting Service for Mobile Users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It places tweeting in a more representative light.

Some Questions About

Will a pro version ever be introduced?