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TwitArcade.comOne of the fondest memories of my childhood days is going to the arcades. I can recall everything from the lights and the sounds up to the greasy smell on the air, and a site like TwitArcade gave me a ready chance to relive more than a couple of these memories.


You see, the site is a repository of online arcade games whose links are tweeted out. When you land on the homepage you are provided with a mosaic view of the latest titles that have been tweeted, and the pivotal option for seeing only the most popular games is thankfully provided.

The games are all playable right on your browser. For the benefit of writing the review I played “Jungle Assassin” (engaging but a bit too tricky) and a Street Fighter clone that pitched me against a guy who kept on cornering me to death until I discovered that uppercuts sent him flying every single time. I frankly enjoyed myself, and I did wish having more time to try out other titles. And that speaks very well of TwitArcade, come to think of it. I believe I am coming back for a second bout with that “King Of Fighters” character soon… In Their Own Words

“Twitarcade is a free games sharing site for Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

These games are surely addictive, and they can be played for free anytime you want.

Some Questions About

Is every single game that you can play here a Flash-based one?

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