– The Story Of You Tweets

Twistory.netTwistory stands as a tool that will let you add your Twitter backlog feed to your chosen calendar application and browse through your past tweets as if you were browsing through a diary.

The implementation of such a service comes at no cost, and all you need in order to get started is furnish the name of your Twitter account as part of the registration process.

A link is also provided in the event you don’t have a Twitter account and want to join in the Twitterverse.

Once your account has been created, your tweets will be added immediately for ulterior reference. In addition to that, you can also subscribe to messages from any other Twitterer you wish. In any case, Twistory will let you visualize graphs that showcase both the daily and weekly activity of the person in question.

All in all, this is a welcome addition to the Twitter family. If you feel like giving it a try just point your browser to and get ready for some Twitter chronicling. In Their Own Words

“Add your Twitter backlog feed to your favorite calendar application and browse through your personal Twitter diary, making your Twitter history both fun and useful!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for a more realized Twittering experience.

Some Questions About

How could Twistory be improved? Are there any vital features missing?