– Like Twitter But With Some Twists

TwisterNow.netA Japanese startup, Twister takes the whole concept that lies at the heart of Twitter and adds some bells and whistles of its own. Actually, the team responsible for this new web service took more than the concept – the logo that they have come up with is perilously similar to Twitter’s.

Leaving that aside, what the site does is to bring a new level of interconnectivity between the posts that people make (which as you can probably guess are named “Twists” here). For example, you can post twists that have some blanks, and then other people proceed to fill in these blanks and send the twists out themselves. This means that commenting and opining on anything becomes instant – you can come up with something like “The best thing about the ending of Fullmetal Alchemist was that ______” and then everybody will be capable of giving his own insight in notably less time that it would take to retype everything down again.

Also, twists can be categorized by being given a common title. This makes tracking discussions more versatile and time-economic.

As a service, Twister actually integrates with Twitter. This means that you can connect with your followers and try this new service out to the full in just a couple of minutes. In Their Own Words

“Post Twitter updates with a new twist on the good old subject, “What are you doing?”

Create a new entry title, or go find one on…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for tweeting in a more contextualized way.

Some Questions About

What will happen to this if Twitter starts offering some similar features itself?