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Twist.Flaptor.comHere’s your latest Twitter related fix, it’s called Twist. This Twitter mashup shows trends within the Twittersphere.


It actually graphs them by the date, so what you get are neat line graphs showing what’s hot on Twitter. Just enter in words or concepts separated by a comma, for instance Hillary, Obama, and hit the ‘Show Trends’ button. Each item is color coded, and as you move across the graph, you’ll see numbered comparisons. On the home page you’ll find a list of things that are ‘hot now’ and things that were ‘hot before’. These include Berlusconi, Church and Masters, while the ‘hot now’ chart includes The Office and American Idol. In Their Own Words

“ See trends in Twitter. You can compare various concepts, separate them with commas”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twist gives you nice colored depictions of trends on Twitter. It’s easy to see how concepts relate. The layout and design are simple, but functional. The hummingbird picture is attractive too.

Some Questions About

How many items can you compare—what’s the maximum limit? Will you be able to go back any further than just a few days? How is this going to be monetized?

Author : Siri Marshall

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