– A Marketplace Based On Twitter

Twisell.comYou don’t need to be the biggest clued-up person to realize that the amount of people who could be reached through Twitter to the effects of doing businesses is monumental. And the same goes for people to whom you could sell something, or render a service.

Twisell is a new site that will let you make the best out of that immense public. In general terms, it enables users to post and share any ad they want on Twitter.

It goes absolutely without saying that the site itself divides these ads into categories and subcategories, making it easy to surf through ads – IE, you will not come across dish cleaners when you are looking for a new TV set. So far, some of the featured categories include “Home & Garden”, “Music”, “Computers & Networking” and “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories”. And if you don’t seem to find what you are after on first looks, just stop by the section that is labelled “Everything Else” and see if your luck is in, or if you will have to head somewhere other than here. In Their Own Words

“What are you selling?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter marketplaces are appealing if only because they entail such a huge user base by default.

Some Questions About

Can payments be processed through the website?