– 3D Chat Lounge and Community

Twinners.comTwinners is a 3D online community with chat, TV, and mobile integration. The sets are mostly posh looking lounges and bars, or tropical beaches and other such stylish locales.

There are several version of Twinners 3D chat available—Twinners’ light which requires no 3D plugins and works across browsers and operating systems; Twinners’ medium which requires installation of a Quest 3D plugin—this version allows for full camera control; and finally there’s the full package which comes with high definition full screen. Within the chat users can manipulate their avatars into various poses (the in love pose, angry pose, failed salto, karate kick, etc). There are dance moves as well, including the amusing Macarena, and Russian Dance. The site has a separate dating section, although many components are geared for attracting and meeting the opposite sex. For fun, you’ve got an arcade with all sorts of games. The site also offers goodies for your mobile phone such as ringtones, backgrounds and games. In Their Own Words

“Live. In your life. Play in Twinners. Join today.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twinners offers a slick, fun 3D environment for adults. Here, they can relax in cool and casual getaways; they can meet new people and find new loves. It’s absorbing. It’s an escape. Twinners gives online dating a twist.

Some Questions About

The site needs to do more work on explaining its functions and controls. There are many features which aren’t thoroughly elaborated upon. Will users have to pay for certain features?