– Tweet Using Your Mobile

Twimply.comTwimply is a new Twitter client that is solely aimed at mobile phone users. It lets them do all the usual operations that one does when tweeting without any kind of outside distractions, and it has been designed to look good in the smallest of screens.

Users of Twimply will be able to update their statuses, reply to direct messages and share their favorite content by retweetng it at will. Also, they will be capable of managing their accounts and both follow/unfollow others.

And Twimply offers some features that are actually quite original and interesting (not to mention useful). For example, integration with Delicious and Instapaper is fully provided. This will let anybody save links in tweets with a minimum of fuss, and give them a closer look when he has the time. Being able to store them like this means they are not going to be overlooked later on.

Moreover, a “Preview” option for these images that are included as part of tweets is provided. That is another nice feature of Twimply, and another which makes it pack that little more punch in the end. In Their Own Words

“Simple, Mobile-friendly Tweeting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free application that lets anybody tweet via his mobile as thoroughly as always, and the application has been designed to be usable on even the smallest screens.

Some Questions About

Does it make a difference which carrier you have got?