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Twimfeed.comTwimfeed is a tool that lets you see pictures posted on Twitter from all the users you follow. As most of you already know, Twitter is a text-based platform. Yet, it’s possible to include images when tweeting, too. So, shows a feed of images through its website, instead of the usual text feeds you can find around the internet.

Twimfeed retrieves the images from some other websites, so the images you’ll be able to see are those who were included in,,, Eventually, it seems, Twimfeed will add other platforms.

You can use Twimfeed in mobile platforms too, like iPad, iPhone and iPod. The site does not mention whether Twimfeed works for Android devices, so those of you who use Android will have to try it out. The images are expandable should you want to look at them in full screen mode, and also, you will be able to access the profile that goes with each username just by clicking on it.

The Twimfeed site is still very simple and (I’m sorry to say it) quite unattractive. However, it might be worth to give it a try, and later on see how they take care of this aspect. In the end, we could say that Twimfeed is a new way of following Twitter accounts, and one that’s more aimed at the pictures than the written messages you can find in the always-popular micro-sharing platform. In Their Own Words

View recently tweeted images from your Twitter friends.

Some Questions About

Will they expand this service, and offer other features?