– Tumblelog with Twitter

Twimbler.comMicroblogging just got so much easier! Thanks to the recent release of Twimbler, a new service that allows users to create and update tumblelogs using twitter, we can expect microblogging to continue to become more and more popular. Using it is as easy as you could wish for: using twitter you write #log: followed by the link you want to post, and attach a brief comment (or don’t), and then the post appears on the corresponding user’s twitter page in full format, as opposed to just showing a link.

In addition, it gets posted in the Twimbler homepage, so when visiting it you can see what people are twimbling, who are the most frequent users of this service, and in general is seems to be a good way to catch up on the microblogging zeitgeist. The service will be definitely very appealing to the growing community of microbloggers, especially those who keep photo or video tumblelogs. In Their Own Words

“Twimbler is tumble blog that gets updated via Twitter —the favorite microbloggin platform of the web 2.0. So, if you know how to tweet, then you could be twimbling right now without even noticing”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because using Twimbler is so easy, it is a great way to keep one’s often neglected tumblelog updated. Also, since it doesn’t involve any particular abilities –knowing your way around Twitter is all you need, in fact— it can quickly grow to become the next killer startup, at least in the microblogging scene.

Some Questions About

More and more bloggers are switching to shorter forms of posting their musings and findings, and thus the surge of Twitter’s competitors Cromple and Jaiku make it a challenge for Twimbler to generate a system that works in all (or most) microblogging platforms. Will they live up to the expectations?