– Share Bookmarks on Twitter you are looking for an easy way to share bookmarks with your Twitter contacts, is an easy to use browser plug-in that works on Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Basically any website or blog owner can add the button to their site, allowing users to quickly send the URL sent as a “tweet” to all of their followers. Firefox users simply have to drag the button into their Firefox browser while Internet Explorer users add the button to their favorites. Those who like to do a lot of sharing while surfing will like the simple easy-to-use nature of this plug-in and the fact that they don’t have to take any extra steps to share their bookmarks with Twitter followers. In Their Own Words

“This service ‘’ is a free service to allow people to bookmark the web pages or blogs. When readers see a ( botton, they can click the button to send the title and URL to Twitter as bookmarks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything Twitter-related these days is worth a look and this tool simplifies social-bookmarking on Twitter, making it an interesting application with potential.

Some Questions About

Will they be releasing a Safari version as well?