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Twigmore.comIs there a better time to release a new travel platform than December? Any travel site that comes around at this time of year is twice as visible. And when the service being offered is as good as Twigmore, then there’s just nothing to complain about. Twigmore is a travel network that works within Facebook. Unlike sites such as Trippy and CouchSurfing (which are Facebook-connected), Twigmore is integrated into Facebook. It’s a network where you can get travel recommendations directly from your friends, without having to sign up through an off-site application just to use the service.

And in addition to letting you get recommendations through friends (IE, people you already know and trust), Twigmore aims to let you connect with locals and ask them for their help and guidance. The idea is to let you make the connections through these friends you already have.

Twigmore faces heavy competition from other social travel sites such as Triposo and Gogobot. The former can pick good places for you to visit based on an algorithm of its own, and the latter resembles a game where people leave recommendations for other travelers. In Their Own Words

Twigmore helps you connect with travelers and locals through friends.

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Has it got what it takes to become the premier social travel website on the Internet?