– The Most Big-headed Twitterers

TwigHeaded.comA new word we can add to our Twitter dictionaries, “TwigHead” refers to those Twitter users that are big-headed. This new online resource will let you know how much of one you are, or any other person that you know for that matter.

All that it takes is furnishing your username for TwigHeaded to weigh up the number of people that you follow back from the ones who follow you. You don’t have to supply any other information, and you don’t have to configure anything or set down any parameters.

In addition to a numeric percentage, you will be provided with a comment along the lines of “You seem to be confused as to what the “follow” button is” and “You are a follower, not a hater”.

You are also provided with some suggestions as regards how to improve you standing in the event the results are not what we should call satisfactory and wish to be a better person.

Our big-headedness in real life is one thing. When it comes to Twitter, it can be something completely different. This site will allow you to know how much of a difference there actually is. In Their Own Words

“Find out how big headed someone is on Twitter!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one will enable you to find how obnoxious a Twitterer you really are.

Some Questions About

How can this service become more flexible and broaden its appeal?