– Archive Twitter Response Threads

Twickie.Pirillo.comTwickie is a new solution that lets you have access to Twitter response threads and export them to any destination you might want to, such as a blog or a social site. This service (which is provided at absolutely no cost) entails no onsite registration process.

All you have to do in order to get started is logging in by providing your existing Twitter credentials, and then choosing what it is you want to export.

So far, you can choose from your 50 most recent tweets. I think that maybe the range should be expanded in order to give Twickie added appeal, as hardened Twitterers are certain to look beyond that number.

As it is fit, you can follow the programmers at @twickie in order to keep posted on news and forthcoming developments.

The site claims to be “the easiest way to archive a Twitter response thread”. If you want to see whether or not that is true, you can always point your browser to the address provided below and put Twickie to the task. In Their Own Words

“Twickie is a free service that fetches Twitter replies for you (and gives you an easy way to view AND export them).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those wanting to share their Twitter lives with more immediacy can do it easily through such a tool.

Some Questions About

Is there a reason only the 50 most recent tweets are currently displayed? Shouldn’t that number be expanded?