search cancel – Turning A Smartphone Into A Box Office is a mobile ticketing service that has a distinctive feature – it does not require scanning hardware to validate and verify the mobile tickets themselves.


That is because the company has developed a patent-pending technology named ODV (On Device Verification) for the sale and distribution of mobile coupons, and this can currently be applied in over 200 countries.

The way this work is very simple and ingenious, as Twicketer sends a link to the event straight to the customers’ smartphone, and from there he can proceed to get a ticket that is verified and validated right on his phone.

On the whole, a system like this is bound to assist organizations of every kind who are looking into distributing not just mobile tickets but also coupons and vouchers. This includes businesses, fraternal organizations and charitable initiatives. And since it is all so versatile, a bigger number of attendees might be eached – it is all done on the mobile after all, and having to queue for hours in the rain and sleet to get tickets becomes a thing of the past. In Their Own Words

“Twicketer turns the average cellphone into a mobile box office or interactive coupon.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the most convenient way that has been devised so far in order to get tickets.

Some Questions About

Are all smartphones supported by this system? Which smartphone would yield the best results?

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