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twibler.comTwitter applications abound these days, some good, some bad. Twibler is one of the good ones since it allows people who sell things on eBay to have a message sent to Twitter every time they post a new listing.


This is a great of gaining new customers and obtaining repeat business from old customers. To get started with twibler, simply enter your twitter account and password along with your eBay account name and store. Next click “activate” and you are good to go. Any of your current followers will now receive a notice that you have posted something new on eBay and if you place a notice on your eBay page, new potential customers will know to follow you as well on Twitter. In Their Own Words

“We automatically post your new eBay listings to your Twitter account.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It seems like everyone uses Twitter nowadays and practically everyone uses eBay from time to time as well. By using Twitter to advise customers of new product postings, Twibler is a great mashup of two highly popular services that could be a popular notification service.

Some Questions About

Is there anyway that they can develop more controls on what it posted on to twitter? It would be great if you could allow potential eBay customers the option of clicking a link to receive a notice on Twitter when a specific product you are selling becomes available or when it reaches a specific price.

Author : Caroline Bright

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