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Tweetworks.comThis initiative aims to take micro-blogging and make it more useful for people and business users by letting them form communities and discuss the things that matter to them online.

Using Tweetwork is quite simple.

You just log in via your username and password, and then either start a conversation by making a posting to the public timeline, or join any of the existing private groups.

Whenever you post on Tweetworks, your tweets can also be posted to Twitter, appended with a URL that links them to the Tweetworks thread. You can also modify that anytime, and have your tweets not posted to Twitter. By default, public tweets are posted and private ones are kept to themselves.

The site is completely free to use, and anybody can participate in up to three private groups. Premium accounts will be eventually added, and these will empower users to have access to as many private groups as they wish. This feature is hoped to be implemented sometime in the near future. Still, if having a Twitter experience that is as immersive as possible is what you want, and the topics that interest you do not call for special privacy, then this site will fulfill your needs. In Their Own Words

“Tweetworks is designed to make micro-blogging more useful for people and businesses. Tweetworks is based on the simple premise that people like to talk about stuff with other people. And it is the stuff (ideas, questions, politics, sports, arts and so on) that brings people together and around which they form community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool broadens the scope of microblogging without making it lose any of its quintessence.

Some Questions About

When will premium accounts be implemented? How much will they cost?