– Who Knows Who on Twitter

Tweetwheel.comWith new Twitter applications more common these days than white bread, it would take an army just to keep up with them all. The fact of the matter is that Twitter is highly popular and that more and more people are making connections and communicating using this service.

TweetWheel is an application for Twitter that provides you with a visual representation of these connections, allowing you to see which of your friends know each other. Simply type in the Twitter username you are interested in and TweetWheel quickly generates a wheel-like map that shows how that person’s followers are connected. Simply hover the mouse over each of the users and you will be told how many friends each of the followers have in common with the original username you entered. In Their Own Words

“Find out which or your Twitter friends know each other!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TweetWheel is a quick, easy, and well-designed way of gaining a visual understanding of how friends are related on Twitter. A handy application indeed for this highly popular social-networking problem.

Some Questions About

As with many other Twitter applications, perhaps the biggest challenge facing TweetWheel is how to differentiate itself from all of the other Twitter applications. Do they have any plans in place to market this application or is it just a fun project?