– Bringing The Best Twitterers Together

TweetUp.comIt is very difficult to conceive of a way in which Twitter could be monetized, if only because the service has been free for so long that anything which intrudes into the experiences of users even slightly makes them create the 2.0 equivalent to the Inquisition and hunt for the one who dared disturb the way they freely enjoyed Twitter before.

Also, solutions for gaining new followers are mostly denounced based on the fact that those tools make users end up with a host of followers that have nothing to do with them, and who peter out after a couple of days.

There is no easy way out of the dilemma in any case, but people are bound to keep on trying until one that is mostly satisfactory is devised. And the latest to come along is the service under review right now. Named TweetUp, it is a system whereby the “best twitterers” (those who tweet out useful information) are given exposure over the ones who tweet about clipping their nails or eating a burrito.

This has two advantages. First, if you are a Twitter user you will be able to find the true talent on the network without batting an eyelid. And second, if you are a creator or original (and useful) content you will receive ampler exposure.

The site is currently in beta, and the first 1000 individuals who sign up at this very moment get a free $ 100 account, so you’d better move fast if the whole idea appeals to you. In Their Own Words

“TweetUp combines sophisticated relevance algorithms with a bidding system to raise your best tweets to the top of search results and make it easy for you to acquire new followers. No longer worry about your important tweets being pushed down by the noise and disappearing into the ether.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If the site manages to establish itself, it will effectively become the home of the best twitterers in the world.

Some Questions About

How will the site be developed beyond this point? What is the current step in the projected beta plan?