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TweetSum.comManaging your Twitter contacts isn’t easy. There are tools out there that allow you to manage them in a semi-ordered manner, but if you’re looking for something better, then you’re going to have to use TweetSum.



With this service, you’ll be able to see your followers and how relevant they are to the topics you tweet about. This will let you see who you should be following back and who you should stay away from. It’s great for those people that want to get the most out of Twitter, only following those people that are worth following. Twitter tools come a dime a dozen, but this one manages to stand out. If you are having a hard time managing your contacts, then you’re going to love this.

On the whole, it should allow anyone to decide who to follow based on relevance, and that’s what Twitter is all about. If you’re looking for the right people to follow and to determine if you should follow anyone back, then this is something you have to check out. In Their Own Words

“TweetSum does one thing and does it well: we show you at a glance who’s following you, give you the tools you need to decide whether you should follow them back or not, and let you quickly add or dismiss your new followers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s interesting. Twitter addicts will love this.

Some Questions About

Will people use this? Is Twitter big enough to have something like deciding who to follow back be an issue?

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