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TweetSteal.comA site that claims to put together “the hottest deals and steals on Twitter”, TweetSteal gathers together enough bargains so as to make that affirmation stand true in most people’s eyes. These are aggregated in a host of categories, including “Airfare”, “Vacation” and “Cruise” along with mainstay products like “Shoes”, “Laptop” and “LCD”.

Of course, the main page also lists the most popular deals, and (again) you can streamline results by clicking on the corresponding tag. In this particular case, these include “Tech & Electronics”, “Travel”, “Clothing & Coupons” and “Local Deals”.

I don’t have to even tell you how interesting a site like this one is from the point of view of content – after all, something as massive and changeable as Twitter can but produce the closest to “ideal” offers. Yet, finding them is a bit like finding the famed needle in the haystack. That is why a site that aggregates deals like this one is a necessity. It is not a perfect solution, but it hits the mark quite nearly. In Their Own Words

“The hottest deals and steals on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is so massive that a tool for searching and segregating content like this one is a necessity.

Some Questions About

Why a retweet button isn’t offered?