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TweetRemote.comDo you tweet? Do you blog? Were both questions answered affirmatively? If that happened to be the case, this site could be a real time saver for you. In very general terms, it lets you decide which (if any) of your tweets will be included on your blog.

From a technical standpoint, this is achieved by recognizing the hashtags that go with your tweets and then have them automatically added to your blog, as long as you gave the order to do so beforehand.

I know few bloggers that do not have a Twitter account. In most cases, the things they tweet about would not be included on their weblogs since they are making simple passing remarks or general observations. However, sometimes they tweet about matters related to their blogs and fields of expertise. This solution will let them streamline everything and have the pertinent content situated automatically in the right place at no cost whatsoever. Station your browser at should you want to learn more. In Their Own Words

“TweetRemote merges Twitter and blogging in a unique way that lets you decide when and how your tweets are included on your blog. TweetRemote recognizes your tweets based on hashtags and creates files containing formatted XML based on the type of content contained in the tweet. These files can then be automatically aggregated into a blog or other dynamic website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

9 out of 10 bloggers are Twitterers. This will let them complement one activity with the other.

Some Questions About

How many hashtags can Tweet Remote take into consideration at the same time?

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