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TweetPromote.comTweetPromote is yet another Twitter-related site that lets you boost up your circle of acquaintances until you have a bigger trail of followers than the queues that formed outside cinemas when Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” hit the screens some weeks ago. In this particular case, TweetPromote lets you find targeted friends and followers on Twitter by exploring their accounts and finding thematic matches using your specific input.

In this way, you can start following as many people as you want, all in a fell swoop.

I have discussed the importance and role of services like this one more times than the actual number of episodes of “The X Files” which end with a cliffhanger. I am not going to repeat myself – Twitter is getting nearer to effectively becoming the water cooler of the whole world, and the continuous influx of apps like this one amply demonstrate that.

TweetPromote does all you could expect it to do via its provided search functionalities and an analysis tool named Analyse-or that checks direct and indirect relationships among other criteria to find compatible Twittereres. And a good overall thing is that OAuth is employed. This undoubtedly gives TweetPromote an added edge, since many are understandably reticent when it comes to disclosing sensitive information such as their passwords to anybody. In Their Own Words

“Tweet Promote is a fast and powerful way of finding targeted friends and followers on Twitter. No automation, no robots, no spam, just quick and simple exploration of the Twitter accounts that matter to you.

Search and keyword match from millions of Twitter accounts.

Follow or unfollow hundreds of Twitter accounts in just a few seconds.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a powerful way to fire up your number of followers, in a fashion as massive as you want.

Some Questions About

How many new people can you follow at once?