– Paste Tweets to Your Blog

TweetPaste.netIt’s official. Twitter is not going away.

Nor are the Twitter apps. Twitter’s powers only keep growing. And the latest power it’s recently gotten hold of is something called TweetPaste. It’s not a super tweet cleanser or riff on toothpaste either. It’s a simple application that allows users to easily paste their tweets onto their blogs. Kind of like copy and paste but made for Twitter. There’s actually also a WordPress plugin for those who use WordPress. WordPress doesn’t support a lot of the html TweetPaste uses, so downloading the plugin makes it easy to embed your Twitter status into a post or page. Simply download and activate to use. If using another blog platform, the TweetPaste interface is straightforward and simple to use. Just paste the URL of the tweet you want to post and then hit “Gimme!”. That’s all– only a Twitter account is needed. In Their Own Words

“Paste the URL of a tweet and hit the Gimme button

You can grab this by looking for the tweet time link, at the end of the status update that looks something like “30 minutes ago from…”. Right-click the time and choose Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TweetPaste is a handy tool for Twitter and blogging fiends. It provides for better integration between the two, so you can sync your blog with your tweets easily.

Some Questions About

Will users actually use this? Is it really helpful? Will it offer anything more innovative?