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TweetPages.comTwitter backgrounds. Plenty of them.

Available at different rates. That is what the site is all about, and for Twitterers that want to have their true selves transposed into their profile pages as accurately as possible, this will be a sort of Nirvana.

There are three different types of backgrounds that you can purchase. The cheapest one is named “Instant download”, and as you can tell by such a name it is the one that is customized the least. For a much bigger price (it currently stands as 23 US$, whereas the “Instant Download” background costs less than a dollar) you have access to a semi-custom background which includes biographical information and quotes along with your photo. Finally, for 75 US$ you can purchase a fully-customized background. This will be useful if you have an organization or business and having a profile as personalized as possible is the order of the day.

As you can see, the site covers a lot of ground, and should you look into injecting some life into your Twitter profile these services might just do the trick. Just direct your browser to and weigh up which price tag is the right one for you. In Their Own Words

“You’ve reached the home of the infamous eye-popping, gorgeous, everyone’s-gotta-have-it TweetPages! Browse through the options below and choose your personality. Heck… choose more than one personality — we’ve got a computer and we know how to make more!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking into revitalizing their profiles will most likely find something for them in here.

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Are free backgrounds provided as well by the company?