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TweetNewz.comTwitter has become a powerful medium for posting and sharing news. Some might even say that it has become the news stream per excellence.

However, there are some inherent drawbacks. Users are forced to navigate between their favorite online news and social networking websites to gather information. TweetNewz is a young service that provides users with a convenient way to stay up to date with their favorite news and content, enabling socialization around articles through Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Delicious, all while browsing the web.

But what makes TweetNewz different from other news aggregators? While other news and social desktop aggregators force users to be continually focused when using their application, TweetNewz enables users to keep up to date passively. TweetNewz was designed to fit into your desktop computer screen, and give the user the option to choose a convenient time to view an article. News enthusiasts who have already formed a list of their favorite news, blogs, and other content can save time by simply synchronizing their Google Reader account with the TweetNewz application. Also, users can select from a set of default channels, each containing a list of precompiled feeds, eliminating the need to scour the web for content. Users can then select colors for their favorite channels, so they never miss an article of interest.

The ultimate aim of this new service is to let users aggregate individual interests and empower them to easily share content with friends, family, and colleagues through their best-loved social services and networks. In Their Own Words

“TweetNewz, a news aggregator and desktop ticker with Twitter integration, keeps readers connected to the news and content they love, all while browsing the web. With TweetNewz you can instantly post tweets about blogs, articles and events to Twitter and view Twitter social commentary around your favorite Newz*. Now your commentary or story can become as viral as Twitter itself.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bearing in mind the relevance Twitter is gaining when it comes to news and the way they are communicated, such a tool is more suitable than words could say.

Some Questions About

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