KillerStartups – Promoting Music The Twitter Way

TweetMySong.comAs someone who loves music and who did try in the past to get someplace only to end up right where he started from, I simply have to admire a site such as this one. In essence, it is a service whereby you can upload and tweet your music.

Even someone who has never touched a computer in his life knows that the word “tweet” and the expression “reaching out to millions of people” are absolutely interchangeable, and that alone would have made this service stand its ground admirably.

As if that wasn’t enough, the interface and the actual range of options on offer are really compelling. You see, when you are tweeting out your song you are given the chance of making the song downloadable or not, as well as uploading the artwork of the record in question.

Obviously, there will be people who will use something like this for illegitimate purposes, but that is given. I hope that such a fact doesn’t tarnish this application that much, and that people who use it as intended are the prevalent force. In Their Own Words

“Promote your music to millions for free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that such a massive audience can be reached so effortlessly makes TweetMySong killer in itself.

Some Questions About

Is there any kind of limitation regarding the actual length of what you upload through the site?

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