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Tweetmondo.comWhat are you feelings on Twitter? Is it interacting with others in such a context a little too unconnected and distant for you? There are many ways for you to address such a concern. One could be resorting to a Twitter app like this one.


In general terms, it will let you specify your exact location and then be presented with a list of Twitter users who are located in your close vicinity. The search spans not only those who are part of the Tweetmondo database but also the ones who have recently updated their timelines. Of course, the moment you start using this system you become findable by others as well.

That is it, basically. It seems to me that Twitter has to be streamlined one way or the other, because the whole experience of following and unfollowing is a process which can grow out of hand quite easily. Apps like this one do nothing but reinforce that stance, and they remind us that while it is true that when it comes to Twitter the sky is definitely the limit, many of us like to keep a foot firmly on the ground. In Their Own Words

“Find Twitter users near you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are Twitterers who are bound to appreciate the chance to connect only with people within specific regions.

Some Questions About

Is the whole world covered by this system?

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