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TweetMarks.comIf you’re a Twitter user, you probably frequently use the service to send links. Wouldn’t it be smashing if there were a service which helped you keep track of and even save those links for future reference? Well, now there is and it’s called TweetMarks.


TweetMarks combines Twitter and bookmarking. It allows you to store and track all the links you share, or those which have been hashtagged or retweeted. To use the service, go to Settings and sign in using your Twitter info; adjust the settings if you like, and TweetMarks works automatically from there. You can add all links from back to April 2008. Tweets can also be sent directly to TweetMarks, and, if you have a delicious account, you can synchronize your links. In Their Own Words

“Tweetmarks is a bookmarks tool for Twitter. Do you ever find yourself looking for some link you shared on Twitter? Tweetmarks can keep track of all all links you share, or just those you use a hash tag with (like #apple). If you use for organizing your bookmarks, Tweetmarks can automatically add your links to too! Visit the Tutorials page for how to use Tweetmarks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TweetMarks is a simple yet pretty practical tools. Twitter is more and more often being used as a news gathering service which means links are sent quite often. Prior to this, it’s been difficult to keep track of links that have been sent. Tweetmarks simplifies all of that and lets you store and organize your links easily.

Some Questions About

The design leaves much to be wanted. Can users also store links that have been sent to them, or configure Tweetmarks to automatically store them?

Author : Siri Marshall

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