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TweetBoards.comTweetBoards puts all of your favorite Twitter users’ feeds onto one page. This allows you to view a group of users at one time without having to sort vertically through your mix of tweets to find the ones pertaining to a certain category, such as twitterers from your college, tech bloggers, or all of the anthropologists on Twitter.


You can create a themed board, such as one that includes all of the news twitterers. From that board, you can view the feeds from CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and more. Tweetboards are easy to create. You just need to give yours a title, a description, list the Twitter usernames of the tweets to be followed, choose the color of your page’s background, choose the color of the box’s background and text, select a URL shortcut for people to enter if they want to go directly to your board, and decide whether you want your board accessible to the public or just open to the specific people you have selected. TweetBoards helps you to organize the tweets you follow based on the categories in which you find each twitterer to fall. In Their Own Words

“Showing you all the people you want to see at once.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a useful tool for people all from the same school, industry, writing for a particular event, or who use Twitter as a way to market and post their latest blog entries and headings. It’s also useful for people trying to find others under the same category, which would be helpful for marketers who could make industry boards for the various jobs out there. Twitter becomes more of a dashboard instead of one long vertical list you have to scroll through, which allows you to take in more content at a time.

Some Questions About

Will they make TweetBoards more visually pleasing with more text options and an improved interface? Will they create more themed boards like the “news” one to encourage people to use TweetBoards?

Author : Charly Zaks

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