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TweetBars.comA concise service that is hardly going to set the world on fire but which will prove quite useful nonetheless, TweetBars can be defined as a crossover between forum signatures and Twitter services


In the most general terms available, the site makes it possible for you to put your tweets into not only forum signatures but also e-mails and websites, with a minimum of hassle. All you have to do is sign up using your Twitter username in order to procure a personalized TweetBar.

Such a service is also provided free of charge, and no advertisements are displayed whenever you put into practice, so that the proceedings are exempt from unnecessary clutter.

Taking into consideration the outreach that Twitter has, it is only natural that new tools and applications that expand its power and immediacy be developed. You can give this one a try at and see if it is what you need in order to integrate your tweets into other channels, or if you will have to look elsewhere. In Their Own Words

“Tweetbars is the simplest web service ever; it puts your tweets into email, websites and forum signatures.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The many Twitter adepts out there are certain to appreciate such a service.

Some Questions About

How can this solution be furthered and expanded without losing its immediacy?

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