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Tweetag.comAre you looking for an alternative to browsing through the myriad tweets published on the Twitterverse? If that happens to be the case, this site is more than likely to provide you with the necessary resources.

Generally speaking, the Tweetag webpage collects together the 40 more popular topics that are being discussed on Twitter – that is, the keywords that crop up time and again.

These are presented as a cloud of tags that makes up the main page, and by the size of each one you will be able to tell the importance and transcendence it has.

Furthermore, it is possible for you to select the tags you like from the list and find new topics that are directly associated to them, and see where that concatenation process leads you through.

To sum it up, a visit to this site stands as a good way to gauge the popularity of terms in the Twittosphere. Useful for the curious ones or for those looking to boost up their Twitter following in a more or less foolproof way. In Their Own Words

“Tweetag gives you a unique way to browse through all the public tweets published on The Tweetag homepage displays the 40 most frequent topics being discussed on Twitter (based on our utomatic tagging system). The size of each tag represents its relative importance. It means you can tell what most people are talking about at a glance (e.g. ‘Are they talking more about Obama or McCain?’). “

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those wishing to fire up their Twitter following will probably find the means to do so at the site.

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