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Tweet2tweet.comTweet2tweet, which according to the developer, has been developed in order to test the power of the Google App Engine, allows anyone to view conversations between any two users on Twitter. Similar to the “Wall-to-Wall” feature on Facebook, Tweet 2 Tweet uses the public Twitter timeline and pulls up conversations between any two users on Twitter.


To try out Tweet 2 Tweet, just go to the page, enter two different Twitter users into the boxes provided and then click “View” and a full listing of their conversations will be displayed on the subsequent page. So if want to see what your friends are saying behind or your back or perhaps you are interested to see whether Hillary and Obama are doing any Twittering back and forth, have a look at Tweet 2 Tweet. In Their Own Words

“Tweet 2 Tweet tracks the public Twitter timeline to collect data in order to view conversations between two users similar to Facebook’s “Wall-to-Wall” feature.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter is booming with popularity and this is another application that Twitter users will enjoy as it provides them with the functionality to see what other people are talking about one-on-one.

Some Questions About

Will people use this as a gossiping tool or will users find other uses for this application? Do they expect this site to generate revenue or is it really just a developer test?

Author : Caroline Bright

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