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Tweet-A-Beer.comTwitter is phenomenal. It’s a tool that lets people break the latest news in areas of civil unrest, a service that tech-oriented folks can use to become publicly engaged, and also a platform that can save somebody’s life if used correctly. And what was undoubtedly something close enough to perfect now has reached a new height. This new app lets you do something you probably never thought you’d be able to do before, and that is… buying a friend a drink by sending out a tweet! So, it’s official. Twitter has now become the application all others will be judged by in the future.


Tweet-a-beer works by using Chirpify to link together your Twitter and PayPal accounts, and once that has been done then you can send $5 micropayments to any drinking buddy who is in a different city just by addressing him on Twitter.

In case the name’s new to you, Chirpify is an eCommerce platform that lets users buy and sell items (and also make donations) with nothing but their Twitter identities. You can sign up for a free account here. You’ll need it to start using Tweet-a-beer. In Their Own Words

Become a beer benefactor. It’s twist-off simple and safer than a designated driver.

Some Questions About

What about letting you send more than $5?

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