– Talk About The Shows You Love

TweePlayer.comTweePlayer is a great communication platform that will let TV viewers discuss their favorite shows with others using Twitter. Basically, TweePlayer lets people talk about all the shows that they love both as they are watching them, and at a later date. This is done by syncing conversations with online videos. In practice, this means that conversations that take place over a lengthy period of time become unified, and any person who is accessing the respective video will get to watch them in a threaded way, all in the same page.

And this works with just anything, not only with TV shows. Sports events, political speeches, college seminars, conference sessions… tweets connected with each and every single one of these can become saved and linked by the application, so that everybody can know what has been said without having to overexert himself at all. Everything will be centralized, and placed in a context where the user will know exactly what has been said by those who came before. Any new tweet will be synced with the relevant part of the video for all to see afterwards. In Their Own Words

Take part in great online conversations synced with videos of your favorite events hours or years later, just like you were chatting live.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it makes for having more purposeful conversations around your favorite video content.

Some Questions About

What about Facebook? To which extent is that supported, and to which degree is it to become supported later on?