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Tweenjo.comTweenjo is a UK community site for people who have been made redundant or are otherwise looking to make the best of a period between jobs.


The site is a first port of call for people who have lost their jobs.

Tweenjo aims to give people an antidote to all the bad news, some advice to get them through the immediate aftermath, and some interesting ideas about what to do between jobs or to find a new job.

In terms of target audience, Tweenjo is aimed at the recently unemployed, graduates without work, people on forced sabbaticals or a shortened working week, longer-term unemployed, worried “at risk” employed, people looking to change paths, and also people thinking of taking voluntary career breaks.

Content-wise, the site has two main sections. One is devoted to advice, and it deals on how to cope with the day after, legal rights, deals for the unemployed and so forth, and another that aims to let you make a fresh start. The latter includes inspiration and ideas on what to do next. This section itself is split into three sections: “Travel”, “Training & Education” and “Getting Back to Work”. In Their Own Words

“Tweenjo was founded in 2009 to be the website for the growing number of unemployed people in the UK. We wanted to bring a positive and inspirational response to an issue that can be a challenging and difficult time in people’s lives. Our motto is ‘There’s life between jobs’. We see redundancy as opportunity: to retrain, make a career change, take time out to travel, start a new business or simply get back to work. The web site is for anyone who has lost their job, or fears they might lose it. We provide ‘day after’ advice, ‘day-to-day’ tips and inspiration on what to do next. The site is all about people and community: we believe that the best advice and ideas come from our users who we encourage to share their thoughts on blogs and forums.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tweenjo is the right site at the right time – the world is going through an unprecedented economic meltdown, the UK is one of the countries that have been hit the hardest, and Tweenjo is the first site to try and send a positive message to those who have been made redundant and are looking for new opportunities.

Some Questions About

How will the site evolve from now on?

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