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TweeHits.comDo we need yet another tool for measuring the popularity of Twitter users? I think we have seen enough already. Of course, if they keep coming at a rate akin to that of Walter Scott’s literary output it is for a good reason, but the question remains.


It is the same question one can ask about URL shorteners. They are useful, and they are necessary. But to release one after the other without adding anything new just doesn’t make sense.

Enter this new site. It lets you see who are more popular in the micro-sharing universe by displaying a followfriday-based hit parade refreshed in real time. It also lets you see where you stand in the overall scheme of things just by keying in your name in the input box which is provided.

That is basically it. I found it a bit difficult to review the site without questioning the reasons for its existence all the way. There are hundreds of sites like this one, rendering the same service and having an even wider range of options. Just yesterday I reviewed one named “SpyTwitter” that gives TweeHits a good run for its money. Something positive about TweeHits? It has a cool design and layout. And frankly, that’s it. In Their Own Words

“Followfriday based hit list updated in real-time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you want to have something of a better insight on who is setting the paces as regards Twitter, this gives you a sort of (basic) understanding.

Some Questions About

What functionalities could be added in order to make the site pack more of a punch?

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