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Tweckr.comWe can accurately define Tweckr as a real-time image search that takes into account the greatest water cooler in the planet: Twitter. The basic premise around this site is that while text is only appealing to people who know you or have some kind of connection with you, pictures appeal to a larger public since they can be taken out of context.


That is, a picture of a Mercedes will appeal to car lovers everywhere, but a tweet about a Mercedes might be too personal to appeal to all and sundry. That is how this concept of visualizing tweets was concocted, or rather, the concept of visualizing the images that are part of tweets.

From a technical standpoint, what Tweckr does it to grab all the tweets in the public timeline and search for the images that accompany each update. These are then shown back to the user by way of a stylish interface.

For the time being, only images from Twitpic are being captured and displayed. Needless to say, supporting other services like YFrog as soon as possible will be a good way of breaking through to a larger public. In Their Own Words

“The eyes of Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are keen on having a visual approach to Twitter this will do the part.

Some Questions About

How many pictures are displayed per page? Is that configurable?

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